Pavillons d’Octroi - Porte d’Anderlecht 1000 Brussels +32 (0)2 279 43 83

The Museum is closed

Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 a.m > 05.00 p.m

Are you of a curious nature?

Explorer’s notebook

Are you ready for an adventure?
Discover the Sewer Museum, thanks to the games and puzzles in the explorer’s notebook! There is not always one answer to questions, but let’s try to answer them together!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

  • Discover the origin of sewers
  • Find out about the significance of water in the development of Brussels
  • Appreciate the importance of water preservation across the globe
  • Experience the remarkable profession of sewage worker

Available free of charge at the museum reception or to Download

The audio guide of Wich you are the hero!

Slip into the shoes of Tim, our new recruit. You are entering your first day of training today.
Accompanied by Mike, our seasoned sewer, relieve challenges, solve puzzles or let yourself be told anecdotes about life in the sewers.

Built according to video game codes, this innovative device takes you on a journey that you create yourself!

Discover the sound experience

– Available from February 9
– Audio guide: 2 €
– Duration: 1 hour to 2 hours (if you follow all the makers)

Virtual visit

Are you eager to discover the Sewer Museum and curious about what you might find there?

Don’t wait any longer…

Immerse yourself in a world that thrives under our feet thanks to our virtual tour.


Graffiti collection archives

To showcase the collection of graffiti in the toilets, the artist Damien Petitot takes you on a journey to uncover the unforgettable sentences and drawings left by users of public toilets.

Watch the archive film of this collection


The Museum is closed: In the event of heavy rain, for safety reasons, the Museum staff reserve the right to refuse access to the covered river and sewer.

The Location

Sewer Museum
Porte d’Anderlecht | Anderlechtsepoort
1000 Brussels
T. +32 (0)2 279 43 83

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